Discover Masonry



Masonry is a charitable organization, an organization dedicated to strengthening a man’s character, improving his moral and spiritual outlook, and broadening his mental horizons.



One of the most important things we do as Masons is to provide a working plan for good men to become even better men.  Masonry inspires men to stand firm against oppression, tyranny, fanaticism, usurpation of power, intolerance, and similar evils, from whatever source, that threaten our freedoms.  Equal opportunity of education for all is a basic freedom Masons strenuously support.



By example, a Mason extends the sphere of influence of moral values to his own community and nation. Masonry emphasizes personal responsibility for one’s own conduct. Masons become better men by the positive reinforcement of association with men of like mind the values of honesty, integrity, brotherly love, and the pursuit of truth.