Iowa City York Rite

The Iowa City York Rite Bodies are always looking for Master Masons who would like to find that which was lost.

What is the York Rite ?
The York Rite consists of the Symbolic Lodge, which is of York origin; the Chapter of Royal Arch Masons; the Council of Cryptic Masons; and the Commandery of Knights Templar.

The Lodge teaches of the LOST WORD, the Chapter teaches of the DISCOVERY of the WORD, the Council teaches of the PRESERVATION of the WORD, and the COMMANDERY binds the Christian virtues of their promise of immortality in the expanding story, thus rounding out the STORY of the WORD.

It is also said that the Lodge symbolically deals with the material side of life. The Chapter and particularly the Royal Arch Degree, deals with the spiritual side of life. The Council deals with the philosophy of life and death, and the Commandery adds the Christian interpretation to the symbols of Ancient Craft Masonry

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