From the Worshipful Master

Greetings Friends and Brothers, Welcome to the Iowa City No. 4 website. I am honored to serve the Lodge this year as Master. We have a great year planned with plenty of opportunities for fellowship and education. Please join us!   Jason A Wolcott, WM-Elect  

Our New Grand Master

Brother Hurmence was born on February 1, 1948, at Sumner. He graduated from Shabbona High School in Illinois. He continued his education at Western Illinois University receiving his B.A., Wartburg College for his Teaching Certification, and Northwest Missouri State for his Masters. While at Wartburg he volunteered as a little league umpire. He married Connie

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The Four Cardinal Virtues

“Temperance is that due restraint upon our affections and passions which renders the body tame and governable, and frees the mind from the allurements of vice. This virtue should be the constant practice of every Mason, as he is thereby taught to avoid excess, or the contracting of any licentious or vicious habit, the indulgence

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